Neil Cowan

Based in the UK and the US, Neil works with a core team who are experienced in a wide range of moving image productions including feature films, TV series, and documentaries developing projects for the international market from initial concept through financing to production.

After studying at the Berkshire College of Art and Design under John Gillard (mentor to Sir John Hegarty and Graham Fink), Neil worked as a creative on feature films, television, immersive theatre, and graphic novels, organising creative events and exhibitions sponsored by 2000AD, Marvel Comics, and DC comics.

Neil edited and published “Meanwhile…”, a small press graphic novel anthology featuring original work by noted artists Brian Bolland, Mick McMahon, Garry Leach, Floyd Hughes, Neal Adams, Joe Staton, and many more. The second volume of “Meanwhile…” included collaborations with Neil Jones, Dave McKean, Gerard Saint, and Grahame Baker-Smith.

Neil also worked on various small press British graphic novels and served as an Art Director on anthology magazine “Heartbreak Hotel”, featuring a number of (now) famous names including Jean Giraud/Moebius, Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons and more.

Neil produced music promos for MTV – mostly for Creation Records in their glory years, and campaigned for equal rights issues, by publishing fundraising graphic novels highlighting social justice and organising events. As a sideline/hobby, Neil converted derelict houses into eco-designer homes while campaigning for the environment and an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Neil set up a corporate graphic design business creating output for international brands including Esso and American Express. He teamed up with Geraldine Hill of flying monkey and added PR and to the mix – working particularly on the environment and social issues, and on business development for comedians, musicians, filmmakers and theatre companies.

These days, Neil is concentrating on production for films and television. In his spare time, he teaches and mentors.

email: neil (at) flyingmonkey (dot) net

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flying monkey® is a network of artists, musicians, film makers, writers and PR people. We specialise in the arts and events, with a particular interest in environmental protection issues and education. Underpinning it all is a creative consultancy using PR and marketing to nurture business growth. Listening, identifying aims, and developing a long-term strategy and short-term tactics to get there… and having fun – it’s the monkey way. flying monkey® was established in 2000AD by Geraldine Hill and Neil Cowan. flying monkey® is a registered trademark owned by Geraldine Hill and Neil Cowan.