Geraldine Hill

I started out in blue-chip PR consultancies before setting up for myself and working around the world, living mostly in London, Edinburgh and Cape Town.

Focusing on business development, sports sponsorship, environmental issues and corporate social responsibility programmes, clients have ranged from theatre, jazz and comedy to high end whisky, wine and liqueur brands, offshore powerboating, homeless charities and sustainable pulp for paper making. Along the way, I also edited a magazine for independent travellers around southern Africa and helped set up a charity for township kids in Khayelitsha.

I met Saša Jankovic and Neil Cowan in 1998 and in 2000AD set up flying monkey with Neil. This wonderful network of artists, musicians, film makers, writers and PR people allows me to expand upon all the work I’ve done before.

email: geri (at) flyingmonkey (dot) net

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