Will Gambians get justice after Barrow’s deal with Jammeh party?

Fatoumatta Sandeng, daughter of Jammeh-era opposition activist Solo Sandeng: ‘In my case, and a lot of victims feel this way, you cannot force me to reconcile with someone who has killed my father without me knowing that they have faced justice’ [File: Reuters]

by Louise Hunt

Louise Hunt is an investigative multi-media freelance journalist, filmmaker and communications consultant.

Five years ago I reported on the Gambia’s historic transition from dictatorship to democracy in the December 2016 election. Over several years, I interviewed many people who were victims of human rights abuses during Yahya Jammeh’s 22-year regime. Now these people are facing another high stakes election on 4 December, as the current president has formed a coalition with Jammeh’s old party and their hopes for justice hang in the balance.

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