The Flying Child Project – Child Sexual Abuse

“This was poignant, yet beautiful. Very respectfully done, honest, raw, & real. Thank you for bringing this difficult topic to the forefront, and making sure that survivors voices are being heard. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do next. You’re doing incredible work.”
Quote by @SansEquanimity

This UK based organisation aims to challenge the stigma and shame of child sexual abuse, to challenge stereotypes of the abused child, to encourage open discussion about a topic that makes people feel uncomfortable, and to examine reasons behind the silence.

We’re proud to have made this film which was commissioned to support a talk by Flying Child to help teachers identify the signs of CSA which are often hidden.

Thank you Flying Child for asking us. Thank you Léanie Kaleido for the hauntingly beautiful song. Thank you Anna for the narration and thank you Saša Jankovic for putting us all together.

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Staff feedback

“Your honesty and bravery were extremely powerful, and enabled me to comprehend the importance of child protection and CSA in a way I could not have done without your session”

“Honest, courageous and engaging presentations with superb video material” #theflyingchildproject


@leaniekaleido · Sep 4
A short but powerful video that I’m proud to have had my song used for…

Emma-Jane Taylor @ejthementor · Sep 5
This short clip captures everything I write, share and speak about. Well done @flying_project for bringing voices together – this is important

Jane Chevous @ReshapersCIC · Sep 5
A powerful film featuring the experiences of survivors, so we can understand how to help school children who are being abused. More suggestions for teachers in our research report too

Sans Equanimity Sep 4
Please watch & share. One of the best things we can do for survivors is LISTEN & amplify their voices to make sure they are heard. We spend our childhoods being silenced. No more.

MrsBroon @mrs__broon
Please watch, please hear, please understand. These voices must be heard to heal. Silence is Violence on their souls #CSA

Brenda Rattray @RattrayBrenda · Sep 4
Just saw the film. Well done!! It’s seriously powerful, moving, sad… yet there is always hope and for some, your film will be the hope that they need to say, ‘Me too!!’

Mrs G @MrsLJG77 · Sep 4
For all people working in schools and with young people- please watch this. These are adult survivors perspectives of why they never disclosed sexual abuse in childhood. One line really struck a chord with me. We have to break the taboo. #csa

sistersurvivor @edwatcher123 · Sep 4
Very liberating to see my comments on here – thank you so much for this.

April Gold @april_golda · Sep 4
This is an important and useful film. If you teach or are involved in schools please watch it. It is a different perspective on abuse and might help you to think differently about how abused children present in school.

DellasLaw @DellasLaw · Sep 4
Such a powerful film! I was moved to tears, because I felt myself in all the brave survivors quotes

Nicola Green @NicolaAnnaGreen · Sep 4
Really important film, especially for those working in education. #CSA #trauma

Saša Janković @SasaWrites · Sep 4
If you work with children in any capacity you need to watch this short film because the signs and red flags may not be what you think #csa #TraumaInformed
@NSPCC and get @flying_project to present to your staff @SchoolGovNet @ngamedia

J2 Owl @Justery2Miner · Sep 4
So happy I got to be a part of this! Thanks Sophie for helping me be more honest about my past and learn and grow.

Erin is darin’ @daisiesnbruises · Sep 3
I’m so grateful to be part of @flying_project! I received the loveliest email from them this morning. What a way to start my day. #DailyGratitude

Many many thanks to Neil and Tyler @flyingmonkeynet for their wonderful film production.

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