The Mouse

A short film about predators

Article by Neil Cowan

We’ve recently started working with THE FLYING CHILD PROJECT, an organisation set up to raise awareness of Child Sexual Abuse and to train people how to recognise the signs that a child may be in need of support. When I was researching the project I was recommended to watch this excellent short animation by Slurpy Studios animation. It’s beautifully realised, gently directed and is such an effective way of conveying the power imbalance of CSA.

“A young mouse discovers that the kindly stranger offering to help might not be as benevolent as he first seems.

The increasing violence triggers memories: manipulation – grooming – abuse. The mouse needs to roar, but it may no longer have the strength, and if it does, will anyone believe it?

Collaborating with The Truth Project and Voicing CSA (Child Sexual Abuse) patron Christopher Harper (Nathan Curtis, Coronation Street) and chair Phillip Lafferty, Slurpy Animation Studios produced this short film to support the IICSA’s Truth Project, and raise awareness of the charity and to educate people about the dangers of child sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation.”

Director: Katie Steed.
Animator: Fern Bailey

Festival selections & screenings:

WON – Charity Film Awards 2019 (UK) – ‘£0 – £10,000’ category
WON – MovieScreenPro Film Festival 2019 (USA) – Best Social Animation
WON – Florida Animation Festival 2018 (USA) – Best Commercial Film
WON – Los Angeles Animation Festival 2018 (USA) – Best Traditional Animation
WON – Watchdog Film Festival 2017 (Australia) – Best Charity Film

MOVE Summit 2019 (Scotland)
MovieScreenPro Film Festival 2019 (USA)
Anchorage Film Festival 2018 (Alaska, USA)
Anima Mundi 2018 (Brazil)
Animación 2018 (Spain)
Athens Animfest 2018 (Greece)
Blue Danube Film Festival 2018 (Austria)

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